Please take a look at these helpful safety tips for preventing grill fires:

 Cranford Fire Department

Barbecue Safety Tips 

Grills should always be used by an adult and monitored at all times. Unattended grills used in a hazardous location can lead to a serious fire. The following tips will help ensure a safe barbecuing season. Contact the Cranford Fire Department at 908-709-7360 if you have any questions or would like a free safety inspection of your grill and its location.

Propane Grills

  • Propane is heavier than air. Leaking propane will seek a low point. Store propane cylinders away from the house and all door and window openings. Never store propane inside a structure or in direct sunlight. A leaking cylinder should be moved to an open area. Contact the fire department for assistance.
  • If a propane cylinder is involved in fire call 911 immediately and evacuate the area. Flame impingement on the vapor space of the tank may result in an explosion.
  • If you smell propane immediately shut off the valve on the cylinder and recheck connections before using. A soapy water solution sprayed onto the connections is an effective way to check for leaks.
  • Never use a barbecue grill while it is up against the house or deck. A fire on the grill can rapidly communicate to the house. This is extremely important with vinyl sided homes. Vinyl siding melts and burns rapidly. Vinyl sided houses can catch fire even if the grill is not against the house. A minimum of 10’ from a deck or house is recommended.

Charcoal Grills

  • Charcoal grills should never be used on decks or near a structure.
  • Only use approved charcoal and grill lighter fluids.
  • Make sure all coals are cool before disposal.
  • Only store ashes in metal containers and do not store in combustible bags or boxes. Do not store ashes in or against a structure. Do not dispose of ashes with regular household garbage.

Is Your Home Fire safe?

Please take a few minutes to walk through your house with this fire safety checklist. Keep it handy and check your home regularly!

Smoke Detectors

  • placed near bedrooms
  • on every floor
  • batteries checked every 6 months
  • away from air vents

Carbon Monoxide

  • placed near bedrooms
  • batteries checked every 6 months
  • away from air vents

Electrical Wiring

  • replaced if frayed or cracked
  • not under rugs, over nail or in high traffic areas
  • outlets not overloaded
  • outlets cool to the touch, not hot
  • outlets have cover plates and no exposed wiring

Electrical Space Heaters

  • plugged directly into wall sockets, not extension cords
  • unplugged when not in use

Kerosene Heaters

  • used only where approved by local authorities
  • filled only with K-1 kerosene, never gasoline or camp stove fuel
  • only refuel outdoors
  • only refueled when cool

Wood Stoves and Fireplaces

  • used only with seasoned wood, never green wood, artificial logs or trash
  • protected by screens
  • interiors, hearths and chimneys cleaned regularly

All Alternate Heaters

  • used only in well-ventilated rooms
  • cannot be easily knocked over
  • never used to dry clothing or other items
  • at a safe distance from curtains and furniture

Home Escape Plan

  • practiced every six months
  • emergency numbers, whistle and flashlight near telephone
  • outside meeting place identified