Conservation Center: 210 Birchwood Avenue

Conservation Center Hours:
Wed: 9:30am-3:20pm
Sat. & Sun.: 9:30am-3:50pm

Snow & Ice Removal

Our goal is provide snow removal as quickly and safely as possible on primary and secondary roads. Our first phase of operations during a snow/ice emergency is to begin spreading a deicer on the main roads, hilly areas, school areas and some problem intersections.

Snow plowing will commence when the snow is deep enough to be considered plowable, which is approximately three plus inches. Please keep in mind that plowing operations will differ from storm to storm due to many variables such as temperature, forecasted total depth, etc..   We receive continual weather updates to provide us with storm information, which assist us with our plans.

DPW employees are instructed to plow their assigned roads curb to curb. This is necessary so when the snow melts the water will run to a catch basin and not create a water/ice situation in the middle of the road. In most cases, driveways will have to be plowed in, this is unavoidable. We encourage residents to remove vehicles from the street and wait until we complete our work before removing snow from their driveways.

Helpful tips for residents:

  • Residents are encouraged to park vehicles in their driveways whenever possible. Fewer cars on the street allow DPW plows to more quickly and safely clear the roads.
  • Please do not shovel snow into the street when clearing your sidewalks and driveways. The best place to pile the snow is on the lawn or grassy areas.

Parking Restrictions

No person shall park a vehicle upon either side of any of the streets or parts of streets which are highlighted, whenever snow has fallen and the accumulation is such that it covers the street or highway.  For Parking Restrictions visit the: SNOW EMERGENCY MAP


Department of Public Works is responsible for street cleaning, snow removal, leaf collection, tree trimming, maintenance and custodial services for municipal buildings and properties.

Employees also respond to inquiries related to Township curbs, sidewalks, driveway aprons and road openings.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What is the curbside recycling schedule?

    A. See the Township Recycling page for schedule of North & South side pick up.

  • Q. When is the Conservation Center open?

  • Q. What can I bring to the Conservation Center?

  • Q. Who should I contact if the sewer drain in front of my house is clogged?

    A. Call our office and someone will be dispatched to check the problem.

  • Q. What do I do if there is a sewer back up at my house?

    A. DPW will check to see if it is a Township or homeowner responsibility.

  • Q. Who should I call about a pothole?

    A. Call our office and the request will be added to the repair list. Potholes will be fixed as our schedule permits. If the pothole is on a county road it will be referred to the County Engineering and Public Works offices.

  • Q. The tree in front of my property needs attention. Who should I call?

    A. Contact our office so that we can determine whether the tree is on Township or private property. If the tree is on Township property, we will submit a work order and schedule as time permits.

  • Q. What can be done if the sidewalk in front of my house is lifting?

    A. Contact our office so that we can determine if a Township tree is causing the sidewalk to lift.