Airplane Noise Advisory Board

The Cranford Airplane Noise Advisory Board is a volunteer board that monitors the aircraft noise over Cranford and reports to the Township Committee on developments in this area. The board represents Cranford’s interest in regards to regional aircraft noise with the Federal Aviation Authority, the State of New Jersey and Union County, as well as with other municipal and regional organizations active in this field. The board reviews legislation and administrative regulations, scrutinizes changes in air-routes and practices at area airports, and participates in developing proposed alternatives to current air-routes and airport procedures. The goal of the committee it to have the least amount of aircraft noise over Cranford as possible.

Contact: Commissioner Kevin Campbell, Chairperson – 908- 709-7200

Bicycle Safety Board

The purpose and mission of the Bicycle Safety Board is to provide innovative ideas and recommendations to the Cranford Township Committee or the Cranford Police Department, when the need arises, on any relevant issues dealing with bicycle safety education, rider training, school programs, and traffic safety within our township and schools.

Contact: Detective Steven Toy, Chairperson – 908-272-2222

Cable TV Advisory Board

The Cranford Cable TV Advisory Committee was established to provide public and governmental involvement in the programming and operation of the Township’s TV -35 Governmental Access TV Station. The committee includes representatives from the Township Committee, the public, studio volunteers and the studio management. The duties of the committee include, but are not limited to, working with studio management in creating, reviewing, and editing station by-laws and policies, recommending potential new programming, act as liaison to the Township Committee, the public and TV-35 management, review and work with studio management on developing the annual expense and capital budget, and review all issues with cable providers (Comcast and Verizon) and draft responses to Township Committee.

Contact: H. Edward Davenport, TV35 Station Manager, 908-709-3995

Centennial Village Committee

The Centennial Village Committee is dedicated to the revitalization and enhancement of the Centennial Avenue corridor. Through private fundraising and volunteer efforts, the committee strives to improve the area from an aesthetic and community perspective, further integrating the area’s role as a vital aspect of Cranford’s shopping, dining, and neighborhood offerings.

Contact: Julie Didzbalis, Chairperson – 908-276-5458

Clean Communities Committee

The purpose of the Clean Communities Committee is to change the attitudes that cause littering and the irresponsible handling of solid waste through education.

Contact: Jennifer Kobliska – 908-709-7238

Conservation and Renewable Energy Task Force

The goal of the Conservation and Renewable Energy Task Force is to provide the Township with cost savings through the implementation of energy efficient initiatives and research ways to finance these initiatives through local, state or federal agencies or grants.

Contact: Sandra Caceres-Cardenas, Chairperson – 908-709-7219

Conservation Utility

The Township is engaged in the construction, development, operation, and maintenance of conservation facilities throughout the Township through different departments and it was determined that it is in the best interests of the residents of the Township to operate all of its conservation efforts under one (1) operating system. The Conservation Utility was established in 2011 for the purposes of developing and operating all of the conservation efforts and facilities throughout the Township.

Contact: Commissioner Edward O’Malley-908-709-7200

Cranford Business Park Improvement Committee

The mission of the Committee is to assess the state of the Cranford Business Park and make recommendations to the Cranford Business Park community and to the Cranford Township Committee to improve it as a business center and asset of Cranford.

Contact: Commissioner Edward O’Malley – 908-709-7200

Cranford Housing Board

The purpose of the Cranford Housing Board is to provide facilities for community development within the Township of Cranford on a non-profit basis. This includes, but is not limited to, providing better housing for the benefit of older persons and families of older persons of low, moderate or middle income or in concert with other groups having similar purposes.

Contact: Adele Gilman, Housing Board Administrator – 908-272-9180

Cranford West Committee

The purpose of the Cranford West Committee is to create awareness of the Cranford West campsite and to preserve and enhance the site for the benefit of Cranford residents. In addition, the group plans to review the budget associated with Cranford West to determine ways in which it can become less dependent on Township funds.

Contact: Leigh Esposito, Co-chairperson – 908-272-7409

DMC Board

The purpose of the District Management is to make it possible for business and property owners to achieve their financial goals and to enhance the community financially and aesthetically. Powers and duties of the DMC Board are available by accessing the Code of the Township of Cranford (Chapter 199).

For additional information, please visit the DMC website at

Contact: Kathleen Miller Prunty, DMC Director – 908-709-7208

Emergency Management Council

The Emergency Management Council assists the Township in establishing the various local volunteer agencies needed to meet the requirements of all local emergency management activities in accordance with the rules and regulations established by the Governor. The powers and duties of the Emergency Management Council are available by accessing the Township Code (Chapter 6, Article XIIIE).

Contact: Police Chief Eric Mason, Emergency Management Coordinator – 908-272-2222

Environmental Commission

The Environmental Commission has the power to study and make recommendations concerning open space preservation, water resources management, air pollution control, solid waste management, noise control, soil and landscape protection, environmental appearance, marine resources and protection of flora and fauna. Additional information regarding the powers and duties of the Environmental Commission is available by accessing of the Code of the Township of Cranford (Chapter 6).

For further information, you can visit the Environmental Commission’s website at

Contact: Nelson Dittmar, Environmental Commission Chairperson – 908-276-7909

Flood Control Advisory Committee

The intent of the Flood Control Advisory Committee is to mobilize community involvement in flood control matters and funding concerns, address funding issues with the governing body, provide pertinent information to residents, and serve in an advisory capacity to the Township Committee on flood control matters.

Additional information regarding the Flood Advisory Committee is available at

Contact: Richard A. Marsden, Township Engineer – 908-709-7218

Fourth of July Committee

The Fourth of July Committee organizes and implements the annual Canoe Club races and various games and events held in Nomahegan Park on the Fourth of July.

Contact: Stephen Robertazzi, Director of Parks and Recreation – 908-709-7283

Historic Preservation Advisory Board

The purpose of the Historic Preservation Advisory Board is to identify, record and maintain a system for survey and inventory of all building sites, places and landmarks and structures of historical or architectural significance based on the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards and Guidelines for Archaeology and Historic Preservation. Additional powers and duties are available by accessing the Code of the Township of Cranford (Chapter 6-40.19).

Contact: Maureen Strazdon, Chairperson – 908-709-0492

Hyatt Hills Golf Course Commission

The Hyatt Hills Golf Course Commission has general supervision and control over the maintenance operation and regulation of the Hyatt Hills Golf Course. This includes, but is not limited to, review and approval of all contracts and other expenditures and funds related to the operation of the golf course, review and approval of an annual operating and capital budget, the hiring of a Manager or Management Organization for the day-today operation of the golf course and the establishment and review of the duties, responsibilities and performance of said Manager or Management Organization, and the review and recommendation to Clark and/or Cranford of any proposed ordinances, etc. which might be necessary for the efficient management of the Hyatt Hills Golf Course Commission.

For additional information, you may visit the commission’s website at

Insurance Review Committee

The Cranford Insurance Review Committee continually reviews the township’s insurance coverage in an effort to make sure it is receiving the optimal coverage at the best cost. In addition, the IRC will continue to review the township’s broker/consultant needs on an on-going basis. The IRC will report all findings to the Township Committee with any and all recommendations so that the Township Committee can take appropriate action when deemed necessary.

Contact: Commissioner Andis Kalnins – 908-709-7200

Landlord Tenant Advisory Committee

The Landlord Tenant Advisory Committee provides assistance to residents concerning landlord/tenant issues.

Contact: Tara Rowley, Township Clerk – 908-709-7210

Library Board of Trustees

The Library Board of Trustees shall hold in trust and manage all property of the library. It may rent rooms, purchase books, pamphlets, documents, papers and other reading matter, hire librarians, and other necessary personnel, and fix their compensation, make proper rules and regulations for the government of the library, and generally do all things necessary and proper for the establishment and maintenance of the free public library within Cranford.

Contact: John Malar, Library Director – 908-709-7281

For further information, visit the Library’s website at

Local Highway Traffic Coordinating Committee

The Traffic Coordinating Committee shall identify, investigate, and propose solutions to safety concerns throughout the Township of Cranford. The committee will examine traffic issues from the perspective of the police, fire, engineering, public works, administrator’s office, downtown management corporation, board of education, and residents to ensure a balanced approach to traffic safety.

Contact: Police Chief Eric Mason – 908-272-2222

Memorial Day Committee

The Memorial Day Committee is responsible for organizing the annual Memorial Day Parade.

Contact: Stephen Robertazzi, Recreation and Parks Director – 908-709-7283

Municipal Alliance

The Cranford Municipal Alliance Committee is a community-based organization consisting of volunteer members which is dedicated to a comprehensive and coordinated effort to reduce and prevent substance abuse.

Contact: Kara Noesner, Municipal Alliance Coordinator – 908-709-7200

Parking Committee

The purpose of the Parking Committee is to be an effective and cohesive group that aids and helps the Township Committee maintain a highly functional parking system. The Parking Committee will review all parking lots, parking garages, and parking spaces throughout the Township and evaluate and make suggestions pertaining to parking machines, meters, signs, rates, revenue allocation, and rules and regulations.

Contact: Michael Venditti, Chairperson – 908-272-7900

Planning Board The Planning Board follows the provisions of the Municipal Land Use Law (NJSA 40:55D) and accordingly exercises its powers with regard to the Master Plan, subdivision control and site plan review, the official map of the Township, and the Township’s zoning ordinance including conditional uses. The Planning Board also exercises powers concerning the capital improvement program and variances and certain building permits in conjunction with subdivision, site plan and conditional use.

Contact: Robert Hudak, Office of Planning and Zoning, 908-709-7216

Raritan Valley Rail Coalition

The Raritan Valley Rail Coalition is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to facilitating both short and long-term service and safety improvements on the Raritan Valley Line, ultimately including one-seat ride service to Mid-town Manhattan. The Raritan Valley Rail Coalition comprises government officials, community-based interest groups, members of the business community and labor union representatives that view transportation infrastructure projects as vitally important to the overall well being of our State and Regional economies.

Contact: Raritan Valley Rail Coalition – 908-231-7000 ext. 7239

Recreation and Parks Advisory Committee

The Recreation and Parks Advisory Committee reports suggestions and concerns of residents with respect to Recreation and Parks programs to the Recreation and Parks Director.

Contact: Stephen Robertazzi, Recreation and Parks Director – 908-709-7283

River Maintenance Committee

The purpose of the River Maintenance Committee is to protect and restore the Rahway River in Cranford and its ecosystem. This is accomplished through the sponsoring of town-wide river cleanups each spring and fall season, as well as mini-cleanups when necessary.

Contact: Wally Shackell – 908-272-7534

Rahway Valley Sewerage Authority

The Rahway Valley Sewerage Authority (RVSA) is an autonomous agency that owns and operates a trunk sewer system and a wastewater treatment facility in Rahway, New Jersey. The RVSA is governed by a Board of Commissioners, which includes one representative from each of its member municipalities.

For additional information on the Rahway Valley Sewerage Authority Commission, visit their website at

Contact: James Murphy, RVSA Representative for Cranford – 973-863-7650

Senior Citizen & Disabled Tenancy Act Appeals Board

When a landlord/sponsor intends to convert a rental property to a condominium or cooperative, the Township Clerk must be notified of the intention. If a tenant is 62 years of age, or is permanently unable to engage in any substantial gainful activity by reason of any medically determinable physical or mental impairment as of the date of the conversion recording, has resided in the rental unit for at least one year prior to the conversion recording, and has an annual household income that does not exceed three times the county per capita income or $50,000, whichever is greater, he or she may apply for protected tenancy by completing a protected tenancy application and submitting it to the Township Clerk, Department of Community Affairs and the landlord/sponsor. The purpose of the Senior Citizen & Disabled Tenancy Act Appeals Board is to hear and determine appeals from decisions rendered by the Township Clerk under and pursuant to the Senior Citizens and Disabled Tenancy Act.

Contact: Tara Rowley, Township Clerk – 908-709-7210

Swim Pool Utility

The Swim Pool Advisory Board advises the Township Committee with regard to swim pool and field house operations. Additional information is available by accessing the Code of the Township of Cranford (Chapter 179).

For additional information, please visit the Swim Pool Utility’s website at

Contact: Stephen Robertazzi, Recreation and Parks Director – 908-709-7283

Teen Center Advisory Board

The purpose of the Teen Center Advisory Board is to plan, organize and implement activities and events for the benefit of the teenagers of Cranford, working in conjunction with the Township’s Department of Parks and Recreation.

Contacts: Mark Dingelstedt, Co-chairperson – 908-276-4738 Richard Leahey, Co-chairperson – 908-276-2033

Tree Advisory Board

The purpose of the Tree Advisory Board is to provide advice and suggestions for regulations regarding the protection of trees and shrubbery upon public lands, easements, and rights-of-way in the Township of Cranford and, upon request of the owner, upon private property. Additional information is available by accessing the Code of the Township of Cranford (Chapter 215).

Contact: Stephen Robertazzi, Director of Parks and Recreation – 908-709-7283

Union County Transportation Advisory Board

The Union County Transportation Advisory Board exists as the local element of the Subregional Transportation Planning Process, as required and authorized by federal regulations, to serve as the principal conduit for local and citizen input into the local transportation planning process, and to serve as the principal non-staff advisor on transportation policy matters to the County Board of Chosen Freeholders. Each municipality in Union County has one representative on the board.

Contact: Hugh Welsh – 908-272-5634

Zoning Board of Adjustment

The Zoning Board of Adjustment is primarily responsible for hearing and deciding appeals from decisions of the zoning officer, hearing and deciding requests for interpretation of the zoning map and zoning ordinance, and authorizing relief from the zoning ordinance in the form of bulk variances (e.g. set back, front yard, side yard, rear yard and building height), use variances, density variances, expansion of non-conforming use variances and conditional use variances.

Contact: Robert Hudak, Office of Planning and Zoning, 908-709-7216