Cranford Police Department

Issued: Friday, January 6, 2017

Important information below on clearing of sidewalks and snow bound vehicles.


Residents and businesses are reminded sidewalks must be cleared of snow and ice to allow for safe pedestrian passage. This includes clearing sidewalk openings at a crosswalk/intersection.

§ 204-22 Removal of congealed snow and ice.

A. If snow or ice shall become so congealed that it cannot be removed without injury to the sidewalks where such snow or ice has fallen or been formed, the owner or tenant in possession referred to in § 204-21 shall cause such congealed snow or ice to be strewn with ashes, sawdust or sand within four hours after such congelation.

B. If such congelation shall occur during any night, the congealed snow or ice shall be strewn with ashes, sawdust or sand within four hours after sunrise of the following morning.

C. All congealed snow and ice shall be removed from any sidewalk on which it has fallen or been formed within four hours after it has become thawed to such an extent as to render such removal practicable without injury to the sidewalk; provided, however, that if such snow or ice has become thawed during the night, it shall be removed within four hours after sunrise the following morning.


Any snow covered vehicles that remain parked on the street for more than 48 hours are considered abandoned by NJSA 39:4-56.5.